It's been that kind of a week !! Isn't it ?


Not anymore ! Monday, HERE I COME !!

Pick a book from our shelves/bring your own book

You had a tiring week. Your work sucks the soul out of you. All you need is to unwind, and get up fresh for the coming weekend, with probably something good to read. At Mary's Barn,choose from a wide range of novels at our own mini library, or get one that you have been hoping to read for a long time, and breathe new life into your soul.

Karaoke Time

How about a night of music ? A Live concert. Headlined by you and your friends and family, and hosted by Mary's Barn. Oh no no, I'm not a good singer. Well, neither are we, but are you really gonna give up a chance to be the star performer. Let the battle begin !!

Bring your pet - Lets call it a pet day

Get your doggies or kitties to our barn. There are a lot of friends to be made here, and an even bigger space to run around and go wild, that they rarely would be able to do in the Bangalore rush. Just you, your pet, and the barn.

Evening Screening - Game of the day

Whether its Federer bagging another Grand Slam, Kohli leading the pack of wolves, or fighting over Messi and Ronaldo, we can all do that together here at a nice game screening at the barn. But be warned if it gets pretty tense at the barn, we do have a German Shepherd. ; )